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Japanese Auto Giant

Japanese Auto Giant Opportunity - CBD, Bengaluru

Langford Road , Bengaluru
Japanese Auto Giant
Asset Value
54.73 Crore
Entry Yield
Expected IRR
fractional ownership real estate

Who we are?

hBits is the most experienced fractional ownership platform run by veterans with 200+ years of cumulative experience in commercial real estate

fractional property investment
~ ₹310+ Crore

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commercial real estate investment
200+ Years


commercial property investment


pre leased commercial property for sale

Successful Exit

hBits is india's only real estate platform to have successfull exited a property at an industry-best IRR of 17.54%

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Why hBits?

We facilitate investments in commercial real estate with the convenience of low-ticket sizes and personalized services, available both online and offline.

Low Ticket Size

Low Ticket Size

Quality assets with ticket size of ₹25 lakhs
Low Ticket Size

Access to high-quality assets with ticket size of ₹25 lakhs



Distinctive Data Insights

Distinctive data insights of every property, remotely accessible at any given point

Attractive Returns

Attractive Returns

Expected IRR of 13-20% over 5 years
Attractive Returns

Average Rental yields of 8-10% and Expected IRR of 13-20% over 5 years

Hassle Free Ownership

Hassle Free Ownership

Rent collection & Maintenance by hBits
Hassle Free Ownership

Turn key management, rent collection, and property maintenance by our experienced team

Improved Liquidity

Improved Liquidity

Enjoy Seamless Exits
Improved Liquidity

Enjoy seamless exits and continuous price discovery so you always know what your assets are worth



Easy & Secure Transactions

Access to all data and information for easy and secure transactions

Selection Criteria For Property

Our Selection Criteria

Pre-Leased Property Selection Criteria



Data-Driven &
Institutional Grade Analysis


Property Listing


Strong sourcing across top 6 cities given long standing relationships with developers, IPCs and local brokers.

How Real Estate Investment Works?

How it works? Know More

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Our CEO explains, how the real-estate sector will change forever with Fractional Investment.
Hear From Our Customers

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Mr. Naik
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“I have invested in 2 properties with hBits. The first time the ownership processes were super smooth; my rentals and all related formalities were managed without any glitch, to the extent that the real-time dashboard always kept me updated on the rental returns. The success that I attained gave me the courage to reinvest again because I was sure that it was the best way to balance my portfolio. And why not? The stock markets are volatile...the Fed rate hike is coming...the Russia-Ukraine crisis...these reasons will make the stock market investment even dicier. But with hBits' properties delivering 8%-10% rental yield and 5%-10% appreciation, it makes absolute sense to invest my money with hBits.”

Reviewers Profile 1
Mr. Jariwala
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“I must laud the hBits team for their customer-centric approach. The journey from ownership to regular monthly rental returns is seamless and transparent. The investment managers helped us at every step, they were very supportive and made us understand the true value of fractional ownership. They had the financial understanding to guide us through the taxation complexities also. In this new fractional ownership industry, you need a seasoned and experienced guide who can help you to the finish line of success.”

Reviewers Profile 1
Mr. Agarwal
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"As they say, the proof is in the pudding. I was looking at different avenues of investment and came across an article that spoke about the exit that hBits had given their investors that too at 17.5%. Now, this is something I had never heard before in the fractional ownership space. After studying their model, I decided to invest, and now all I do is sit, relax and enjoy the monthly yield of 9%+ on my fractional ownership investment with hBits."


Our Tenants

We have served many prominent international tenants including the largest cloud kitchen company in the world, second largest container shipping company and fourth largest e-payments company listed on a global stock exchange.

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