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Property Ownership
Property Management
Rental income & capital appreciation
What is hBits?
What is fractional ownership?
Why commercial real estate?
How do we select the property?
Who can purchase commercial property through hBits?
How hBits differs from existing products in the market?
What are the risks?
How secure is my data with hBits?
What is the minimum ownership amount?
Is my money safe with hBits?
How to get started with property ownership?
How is the ownership structured?
What is an SPV?
What is the ownership process?
What documentation needs to be done?
What documents of the property will be provided?
What will be the proof of ownership?
How will I exit from my property ownership?
How do I create my real estate portfolio with hBits?
What is the fees charged by hBits?
Are there any hidden charges?
What are the yield expectations?

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