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We offer NRIs an attractive gateway into Indian real estate through fractional ownership. Our platform empowers you to invest in premium properties with lower capital, diversifying your portfolio with tangible assets and potentially high returns ensuring a hassle-free investment experience, completely free from the burdens of maintenance.

With our transparent approach and high liquidity options, investing in India’s robust commercial real estate market has never been easier. Invest and be part of India’s growth story from anywhere in the world, with just a click. Embrace fractional investment for exponential growth and earnings.

Benefits of Real Estate

Real estate investment for NRI in India offers several advantages for NRIs looking to deploy overseas funds.
Some major benefits include:

Higher Returns

Indian properties can generate up to 8-10% in annual rental yields which outperform international markets.

Capital Appreciation

The rise in property values is fueled by India’s robust economic expansion and urban development.

Portfolio Diversification

Real estate investments provide a balanced mix, complementing traditional stock and bond portfolios.

Hedging against Inflation

Property acts as a hard asset that rises in value during inflationary periods.

Inflation Resilience

Fractional Real estate as a tangible asset often appreciates in value, providing a safeguard against inflation’s impact on purchasing power.

Heritage Preservation

Investing in Indian property enables NRIs to maintain and grow familial and cultural ties through enduring assets, enhancing their legacy.

Overall, Indian real estate investments for NRI presents a compelling opportunity for NRI investors to earn stable long-term returns while hedging against risk through geographic diversification.

FAQs to Invest in Fractional Ownership – NRI

Yes, An NRI can acquire property in India, according to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and FEMA regulations. However, in most cases, an NRI cannot purchase agricultural land, plantation property, or farm buildings in India.

NRIs who want to invest in real estate in India should open an NRI account with any of the permitted Indian banks. NRI property investors must route their transactions via Indian banks, and they must utilise NRE/NRO accounts for any inward money remittances as per the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulation.

NRI can transmit the funds to India from overseas via standard banking channels or via balance in an NRE, NRO, or FCNR account when making a property purchase payment. If the NRI is unable to make the transaction in person, he/she can make an agreement and have the Power of Attorney in the name of the relative or lawyer/agent to complete the transaction.

Yes, like residents, NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) can also invest in CRE in India through Fractional Ownership. An NRI investor needs to have an NRO/ NRE account to invest in commercial real estate in India. 

Following are the documents required by NRIs to invest in real estate in India: [object Object] 1.Passport [object Object] 2.PAN card [object Object] 3.Power of Attorney [object Object] 4.Tax Residency Certificate (If applicable) [object Object] 5.Address proof (Same as Passport) [object Object] 6.Bank Details

A TRC is a Tax Residency Certificate provided by the country where you are currently residing. India has a Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with almost all major countries that reduce TDS to lower thresholds of 10-15% (depending on the provisions of the DTAA). However, the benefit of the reduced tax rate is only available to users who are able to produce a TRC. Please speak to your tax advisor on how you can procure a TRC for your country of residence.

The TDS is deducted @ 31.2 % (i.e, TDS@ 30 % + Cess@ 4%) as per section 195 of the Income Tax Act. , unless a TRC (Tax Residency Certificate) is furnished by the NRI investor, post which that TDS will be deducted, as agreed upon in the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with that country. India has signed DTAA with multiple countries to ease the burden of taxation for NRI investors. It is usually 10 to 15% for the investor.

Even if an NRI’s income in India does not exceed the basic exemption limit, taxes may be withheld as TDS (tax Deducted at Source). Such an NRI can claim refund of taxes withheld by filing a tax return in India.

Fractional ownership of property allows them to invest in pre-leased Grade A CRE properties with amounts starting as low as Rs. 25 lakh, an investor earns an average 8-9% rental yield, paid monthly and can get an overall IRR of 14-15% including capital appreciation. Fractional owenrship takes away all the hassle of managing the property (i.e tenant related, property repairs related, managing broker, maintainence etc) and allows investors to keep their steady income flow.

Yes, it is legal. Depending upon the SPV - whether it is a company or a partnership firm, releavant laws of Companies Act 2013 or the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 apply respectively.

Yes, fractional investments of CRE is safe. The investment is secured by a water-tight Leave and License Agreement (LLA) and the investors are hold proportionate stake in the company backed by the underlying pre-leased asset.

Yes. All NRIs, can own fractional real estate (on non-repatriation basis) through the hBits Platform. NRIs must ensure that the funds are transferred from NRE or NRO account in compliance with the foreign exchange regulations.

Any form of distribution (rental income or sale proceeds) will be credited to your NRO account from where one can transfer it to your NRE account.

For NRIs looking to invest under commercial real estate in India,hBits offers fractional ownership opportunities in high yield income generating assets. The team has rich real estate experience and in-depth industry knowledge offering different investment opportunities across India. [object Object] hBits stands out as one of the leading fractional investment platform having exited an asset at an impressive Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 17.54%.

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Properties for NRI Investment in Real Estate

Japanese Auto Giant

Japanese Auto Giant Opportunity - CBD, Bengaluru

Langford Road , Bengaluru
Japanese Auto Giant
Asset Value
54.73 Crore
Entry Yield
Expected IRR
Pre Leased Commercial Property

Tech MNC at IT Hub

Goregaon (East) , Mumbai
Gupshup Technology India Private Limited
Resale Available
Completely Funded
Asset Value
27.31 Crore
Gross Entry Yield
Expected IRR